About Us

Our business model is designed to ensure that our clients are given a dedicated crop protection specialist in the Eastern and Western region of South Africa, and to ensure that they always have a crop solution backed by knowledge to their disposal to remain sustainable and profitable.

We believe that our relationship with our research based suppliers is the key to our success, with continues support to our clients, you the producer.

Our suppliers are market leaders in crop protection allowing Novon Protecta to supply you with the best possible solutions available. A relationship built on trust, a firm believe in the Novon Protecta group. Novon Protecta strives to assist with cost-efficient but effective recommendations for our farmers needs.

Seed Treatment

Our seed treatment product range includes a wide range of needs:
1 Novon-inoculants-icon


Mainly used to enhance the Nitrogen use efficiency of various crops. Our inoculants are of a high standard and packaged to ensure you receive them alive.

2 Novon-bio-stimulants


Added to the seeds to ensure proper germination, excellent seedling establishment and good plant health.

2 Novon-fungicides


Applied to the seeds to ensure that seedlings are protected against seedling diseases.



Applied to seeds to ensure crop safety of sorghum.


Our Specialists

Do you need help with your weed control, do they take your crop’s water? Novon Protecta can help you by recommending the right products to use for all your crop protection needs. We can help with the following:


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