What We Offer

Novon Protecta is here with the aim of mainly supporting the Trusted Advisor, by making the right product available at the right time



We offer a wide range of herbicides which can be divided as follows: • Non-selective herbicides mainly glyphosate and paraquat • Selective herbicides for use in row crops, cereals, fruits and vegetables.


Whether you have a disease in your vegetable crop, orchard, potato field or bean crop – we can help! Our fungicide range includes contact- and systemic products and we have access to the latest registered chemistry.


Insecticides easily control all kind of insects. Therefore, we believe that insecticides should be used with the greatest caution not to harm insects beneficial to your crop. To achieve this, we have an IPM (Integrated Crop Management) approach.

Foliar Nutrients

In this portfolio, we have foliar feeds, solo or combined with plant growth regulators, used to correct nutrient imbalances as well as achieving maximum yield through optimal plant nutrition. To ensure that the best recommendation is given, by providing the right recommendation through the latest technology in leaf analysis.

Seed Treatment

Our seed treatment product range includes a wide range of needs: Inoculants: Mainly used to enhance the Nitrogen use efficiency of various crops. Our inoculants are of a high standard and packaged to ensure you receive them alive. Bio-stimulants: Added to the seeds to ensure proper germination, excellent seedling establishment and good plant health. Fungicides: Applied to the seeds to ensure that seedlings are protected against seedling diseases. Protection: Applied to seeds to ensure crop safety of sorghum Please contact our agent nearest to your location for the best recommendation.

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